10 Newtons is the first company to perfect the measure, analysis, and understanding of haptics, the science of touch, for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. As a digital health company, we connect healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients/consumers, and simulators with innovative technology to better understand every facet of a medical procedure or other human interaction. We then combine this data with deep analytics, custom algorithms, and expertise to literally transform the sense of touch into the science of touch.

Data-Driven Learning

At 10 Newtons, we benefit from over 17 years of research experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis on human performance using sensor technology.


Sensor-Driven Data

With over 16,500 physician encounters, 10 Newtons has perfected the process for capturing high quality, valid and reliable data using sensor technology during hands-on clinical examinations.

Decoding Touch

Using 27 different clinical simulation environments, 10 Newtons has decoded touch to better understand how we interact with with the world.



Carla M. Pugh, MD, PhD Chief Executive Officer
R. Shane Kennedy Chief Operating Officer
Adhira Sunkara, PhD Chief Technology Officer
Cassidi Goll VP of Marketing


10 Newtons is a digital health company that utilizes a variety of sensor and motion tracking technologies to perfect the measure, analysis, and understanding of the process of touch. Our mission is to leverage this unique capability to become the leader in digital, high touch solutions with clinical and consumer applications in healthcare and wellness.