10 Newtons is the first company to perfect the measure, analysis, and understanding of haptics, the science of touch, for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. As a digital health company, we connect healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients/consumers, and simulators with innovative technology to better understand every facet of a medical procedure or other human interaction. We then combine this data with deep analytics, custom algorithms, and expertise to literally transform the sense of touch into the science of touch.

Data-Driven Learning

At 10 Newtons, we benefit from over 17 years of research experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative data analysis on human performance using sensor technology.


Sensor-Driven Data

With 16,479 physician encounters, 10 Newtons has perfected the process for capturing high quality, valid and reliable data using sensor technology during hands-on clinical examinations.

Decoding Touch

In collecting roughly 4,300 GB of data from 27 different clinical simulation environments, 10 Newtons has decoded touch to better understand how we interact with with the world.


High Touch Solutions

Payer & Managed Markets

Our initial focus is on women’s health – specifically breast health via clinical breast exam training for health professionals and students, as well as self-breast exam training for women at risk. For hospital groups, HPGs, and payers, increasing the opportunities for early detection of breast cancer has significant impact on improved patient outcomes and lower treatment costs.

Women’s Breast Health

Early detection of breast cancer drastically increases survival rates from 15% to 90%. Yet only 25% of women perform breast self-exams. With our self-guided and interactive simulated breast exam training, the 10 Newtons team is on a mission to improve this statistic.

Surgical & Functional Excellence

Our primary objective is to enhance clinical performance and thus, patient outcomes, by creating responsive and replicable clinical simulation environments that can model both correct and incorrect approaches that serve as feedback for physicians, nurses and students.


Introducing a new training device that quantifies the mastery of breast exam skills in physicians and women. BEST (Breast Exam Sensory Training) Touch enables physicians to get quantitative feedback on their clinical exam skills to ensure the highest quality of care for their patients, and empowers women to take control of their own breast health through confident, regular breast self-exams.

The BEST Touch device is a sensor-enabled, breast simulator with an intuitive, self-guided interface that provides users with personalized, real-time, and quantitative feedback on their breast exam techniques.

Fostering a hands-on learning environment, the BEST Touch software decodes haptic interactions, allowing the user to visualize, in real-time, the efficacy of their performance. By establishing best practices that improve breast exam performance, BEST Touch greatly increases the opportunities for early detection in managed care settings. Implementing BEST Touch through the 1,800 breast cancer awareness and women’s health groups in the country can elevate breast health education and empower women.

BEST Touch can change how breast exams are performed through an innovative approach that incorporates:

  • A self-guided, interactive system with mastery and training modes
  • Sensor-enabled technology that provides real-time feedback on palpation techniques
  • Realistic breast models of varying breast types (size, density, skin color, etc.) that can be matched to the user’s needs
  • Realistic breast masses including cysts, fibroadenomas, and malignant cancers for learning to identify breast anomalies

You should feel confident in your breast health. We have a way to instill that confidence.


10 Newtons is a digital health company that utilizes a variety of sensor and motion tracking technologies to perfect the measure, analysis, and understanding of the process of touch. Our mission is to leverage this unique capability to become the leader in digital, high touch solutions with clinical and consumer applications in healthcare and wellness.


Carla M. Pugh, MD, PhD Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
R. Shane Kennedy Chief Marketing Officer
Adhira Sunkara, PhD Director of Innovation and Technology
Cassidi Goll Marketing and Communications Specialist
Years of Research Experience
Clinical Simulation Environments
GB of Simulation Data
Physician Encounters

What our users are saying

“I really appreciated this module because being in school and away from home, I don’t really get regular breast exams from a doctor and it is usually once a year, so it was a great reminder to keep checking in with myself.”

BEST Touch User Black Women's Wellness Day, 2017

“During my surgical training, I noticed a lack of objective measures for hands-on examinations. With 10 Newtons, our goal is to help students achieve expertise quickly and efficiently through the implementation of sensory training.”

Carla Pugh, MD, PhD 10 Newtons Founder

“What I think is really wonderful about technology and simulation is that you get feedback that is consistent and validated; that ‘This is how you do it,’ and then you get to work with patients.”

UW School of Medicine and Public Health Instructor University of Wisconsin - Madison

“Even though you’ve seen them [breast exams], you still don’t feel so good about it; I still felt oblivious…But to actually have that breast there where you’re feeling it, you’re seeing how much pressure you’re applying, I feel like it’s the next step we need to push us in the right direction.”

BEST Touch User Black Women's Wellness Day, 2016