What We Do

We then combine this data with deep analytics, custom algorithms, and clinical
expertise to literally transform the sense of touch into the science of touch.
As a digital health company, we connect healthcare professionals (HCPs),
patients/consumers, and models with innovative technology to better
understand every facet of a medical procedure or other human interaction.

Data-Driven Learning

Over 17 years of clinical application, collection of sensor-driven data, and detailed analysis has resulted in an immense database of thousands of procedures and interactions, over 100 publications, and three U.S. patents, with two patents pending.

Data Science

Over the years, 10 Newtons has created and adopted numerous types of data acquisition methods, including video, audio, motion tracking sensors, pressure sensors, and tool-tip interaction software to capture hands-on clinical performance at every point of contact.

Decoding Touch

Data is just the beginning. Understanding the nuances of touch, of individual and procedural consistencies and inconsistencies, of the value or harm of pauses and hesitations, of unique signatures, is what we mean by decoding touch.