Women’s Breast Health

In addition to the clinical environment, 10 Newtons encourages every woman to perform
a proper breast self-exam by partnering with the over 1,800 women's health groups and
breast awareness advocacy groups throughout the country.
Yet, 75% of women DO NOT perform breast self-exams...
Early detection of breast cancer drastically increases survival rates from 27% to 99%.

Instilling Confidence in Women's Breast Exam Skills:

We deploy the same technology as with managed markets but with a unique user interface. Especially critical to this market, our breast models are very realistic, matching a patient’s own breast type, size, and color. Our user-friendly tablet interface provides real-time, quantitative feedback that builds confidence and competency in just a matter of minutes. Working with national breast cancer awareness organizations, non-profits, and healthcare companies, 10 Newtons is seeking to make our proven breast self-exam training readily available to all women across the globe.

The Breast Exam Sensory Training (BEST) Touch device helps users to achieve competency in breast exam skills by improving hands-on performance.

  • A self-guided, interactive training system
  • Sensor-enabled technology provides immediate, personalized feedback on palpation technique
  • Realistic breast masses including cysts, fibroadenomas, and malignant cancers
  • Realistic breast models including multiple breast types (size, density, shape, color, etc.)