Surgical & Functional Excellence

Our primary objective is to enhance clinical performance and patient outcomes,
by creating responsive and replicable data outputs that can model best practice.
With growing interest in improving surgical skills and the continued advancement
of robotic assisted surgery, 10 Newtons is perfectly positioned to help other industries
reach new heights by adding data capture capabilities to their current products.

Quantifying the Physician:

Conducting multiple interdisciplinary healthcare scenarios, our sensor-enabled performance metrics, including force, time frequency, and motion tracking, are presented to the user in real-time to achieve all-encompassing learning insights and enhance surgical and functional skills. We have experience in a wide range of procedures including breast health, laparoscopy, pelvic exams, intubation, and many others.

Our sensor-based technology and vast experience allow 10 Newtons to:

  • Provide data for monitoring surgical performance with the assessment of technical skill, operative skill, decision making and overall competency in a variety of operational and functional activities
  • Enhance clinical and functional skills by providing instantaneous, quantitative, and personalized feedback (using touch metrics) when evaluating hands-on skills
  • Create seamless surgical solutions with the integration of haptic algorithms to enhance real-time operative decision-making