Whether you touch a device, shake another human's hand, or flick a switch at home,
the ways in which we interact with the world via touch are boundless.
At 10 Newtons, we have decoded touch to better understand how we interact with the world.

Payer & Managed Markets

Our initial focus is on women’s health – specifically breast health via breast exam training for health professionals/students and self-exam training for women at risk.

Women’s Breast Health

Early detection of breast cancer drastically increases survival rates from 15% to 90%. Yet only 25% of women perform breast self-exams. With our self-guided and interactive simulated breast exam training, the 10 Newtons team is on a mission to improve this statistic.

Surgical & Functional Excellence

With growing interest in improving surgical skills and the continued advancement of robotic assisted surgery, 10 Newtons is perfectly positioned to train HCPs as well as provide the basis for machine learning.