About Us

Our mission is to leverage this unique capability to enhance high touch solutions across
consumers, patients and professionals in healthcare, wellness, beauty, robotics and technology.
10 Newtons, founded in May 2016 by Dr. Carla Pugh, is the first company to cultivate
the measure, analysis, and understanding of the process of touch.


In an effort to increase the efficacy of medical procedures, our team has been collecting sensor-driven data for the past 17 years, allotting access to a vast band of medical professionals, researchers and technology experts.

News & Events

The 10 Newtons team is constantly looking to leverage our experience in sensory analysis and medical training application to better educate consumers and medical professionals. From lab to market, click on the icon to take a look at what our team has been up to lately.

Our Team

Comprised of individuals from a broad range of specialties, the 10 Newtons team represents the optimal mix of talent to further our digital health goals.

Our Story

Marrying her love for sports with healthcare and education, Dr. Pugh set out to train physicians as athletes by providing ongoing feedback and expert training, leading to discoveries in sensory technology, expert algorithms, and large-scale data mining.